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Exercise while you multi-task! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes! I'm ready to get in shape!

Exercise while you multi-task!

Risk-Free 30-Day Trial! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Medical Experts Agree:
Exercise is Crucial for Lifelong Health

Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, one thing is certain: daily exercise is the surest way to improve your overall health. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult if not impossible to squeeze in time for exercise due to busy schedules, lack of energy or physical ailments. If you have no time for exercise or have fallen out of shape recently, the sitNcycle could be the perfect solution for you.

The sitNcycle is a new form of stationary bike that is easy-to-use and perfect for getting your heart rate up anytime, anywhere throughout the day. Simply set it up in your favorite room of the house and start pedaling away the pounds. With eight resistance levels, you can set your own pace and intensity level. You can pedal while you work, watch TV, read, or surf the web!

Whether you pedal for five minutes or two hours, the sitNcycle will help you burn calories and improve your health right in the comfort of your own home.

*Results may vary

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Turn Every Moment into a Fitness Moment!

Stay Active during Daily Activities
With the sitNcycle, everyday activities like reading a book, watching TV, doing crafts or surfing the web can be transformed into opportunities to exercise! It’s the easiest way to burn calories throughout the day with minimal effort and no strain, regardless of your fitness level.

Safe, Easy and Effective
The sitNcycle has a stable base and comfortable seat, providing an ergonomic and pain free way to exercise. It’s easy to get on and off, and you can set your own pace and resistance to match your comfort level. Burn up to 500 calories per hour depending on your intensity!

Total Body Workout
The sitNcycle will not only improve your circulation by lifting your heart rate, but it will also help tighten and tone your entire body. Its advanced design automatically engages your core as you move the pedals. A tighter core means a stronger back and better posture!

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Real Results from Real People!

"My son bought this exercise bike for me, and since he has I can't stop using it. Instead of sitting on the couch, or sitting in my reading chair, I just sit on the sitNcycle and pedal. Great gift!" - Mr. Jenkins, New Haven, CT *Results may vary

"The sitNcycle arrived in two days and I put it together myself in just a few minutes. I replaced my desk chair with the sitNcycle and use it when I talk on the phone and work on my computer. I'm able to keep active while working. Already I've lost a couple of pounds!" - Mary, Annapolis, MD*Results may vary


Pedal Away the Pounds

The Easy, Safe Way to Burn Calories No Matter How Busy You Are:

  • Burn as many as 500 calories per hour
  • Stay in motion effortlessly
  • Tone and tighten lower body
  • Engage your core and strengthen your back
  • Lift your heart rate and improve circulation

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Perfect for All Ages and Fitness Levels!

Choose between eight resistance levels, from effortless minimal to moderate

Adjustable, padded seat for a custom fit that reduces pressure on your knees

Portable and light-weight, with built-in wheels so it’s easy to transport

Why Just Sit, When You Can sitNcycle! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Try It Now!
Why Just Sit, When You Can sitNcycle! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Try It Now!